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This On-line Retail Shop is Established using an AI based business Model.

Reflects the business models it's established on.

Drop-shipping - We challenge to overcome the negative image of Drop-shipping. By adopting a drop-shipping model, we are able to lower the storage and distribution costs of the products, resulting a basis to provide great items to the costumers at a better price.

Affiliate Marketing - By adopting the Affiliate Marketing model, we are able to minimize the marketing costs. As a result we are able to provide the products at a lower price. Also not only are we able to provide physical products, we can provide information on great online services and digital goods.

AI - Using Artificial Intelligence, unique and trendy items are chosen and priced at a reasonable price. Also various Digital Products can be produced and distributed based on AI.

Why it all started.

The journey started with Professor Nam, a dedicated educator from Korea, who took a sabbatical to give his daughter, Tiffany, an exceptional gift - the opportunity to learn English and experience American culture in New York City. However, the high cost of living in the city posed challenges.

To overcome financial obstacles and create a better learning environment for Tiffany, Lauren Park, Prof. Nam's wife and Tiffany's mother, founded Hyun Ju Trading Company, named after their daughter's Korean name. Today, the company operates as an AI-based retail shop and has also launched a casual fashion brand inspired by Pretzels, named 'Wheat&Salt'.

Lauren, the founder and CEO, holds a doctorate from Sook Myung Women's University and specialized in clothing and textiles. She further honed her skills at the prestigious FIDM and infuses her fashion designs with the energy of her academic pursuits and experiences in the fashion world.