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Stay Cool and Illuminated with the 12V Camping Fan with LED Lights


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Color: Black

Prepare for your outdoor adventures with the ultimate camping companion - the 12V Camping Fan with LED Lights. This innovative camping equipment combines the functionality of a powerful tent fan and a bright LED light, ensuring both optimal air circulation and illumination in your tent or campsite.

Say goodbye to stuffy and dark camping experiences! The tent fan provides a refreshing breeze, keeping your tent cool and pleasant even on sunny days. With its adjustable speed settings, you can easily customize the airflow to your liking. Plus, the integrated LED light illuminates your surroundings, allowing you to navigate your tent or campsite with ease during nighttime.

But that's not all! Our camping fan features a USB output port, enabling you to use it as a convenient power source for your phone or laptop when they run out of battery. It's perfect for family camping trips, caravanning, power outages, emergencies, and hurricane disasters, ensuring you stay connected even in remote locations.

With multiple power supply modes, including USB charging and a built-in 5200Ah high capacity battery, you'll never have to worry about running out of power when you need it most.

Designed to withstand tough conditions, this camping fan is ultra-durable and water-resistant, making it ideal for outdoor use. Premium materials and a unique design ensure its longevity, allowing you to rely on it for many camping adventures to come.

Convenience is key, and that's why our travel portable fan is compact and lightweight. It features a built-in folding hook that allows you to easily hang it from a tent, tree branch, or car. Alternatively, you can place it on your desk at home or in the office for a refreshing breeze.

Stay cool, comfortable, and well-illuminated during your camping trips with the 12V Camping Fan with LED Lights. Experience the ultimate combination of functionality, durability, and convenience. Get yours today and elevate your camping experience to new heights!


CAMPING FAN WITH LED LANTERN : Our excellent camping equipment is a combination of a tent fan and an LED light that both illuminates a dark tent or campsite and ensures good air circulation. Take a tent fan with you when camping and they will keep your tent cool and pleasant even when the sun is shining

USB OUTPUT PORT: We have USB input and output ports that can be used as a mobile power source when your phone or laptop runs out of power. It is perfect for family camping, caravanning, power outages, emergencies and hurricane disasters

MULTIPLE POWER SUPPLY MODES: Supports USB charging, built-in 5200Ah high capacity battery

MADE TO WITHSTAND TOUGH CONDITIONS Ultra durable to resist damage and water-resistant for damp days and nights, we used premium materials and a unique designed

BUILT-IN FOLDING HOOK: Our travel portable fan is very compact and features a built-in folding hook to hang it from a tent, tree branch or car. You can also simply place it on your desk at home or in the office. Lightweight, convenient and compact, it is easy to carry around or store

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