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Experience Restful Nights with the 24-Hour Bluetooth Anti-Snoring Device - A Smart Solution for Better Sleep


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Introducing the 24-Hour Bluetooth Anti-Snoring Device, your ultimate companion for a good night's sleep. This innovative device utilizes advanced technology to analyze and address snoring, providing you with a peaceful and uninterrupted sleep experience.

Made from durable plastic, this compact device is designed to be comfortable and non-intrusive. With a package size of 110 x 110 x 45 mm, it is convenient to carry and use wherever you go.

But how does it work? The device employs bone conduction technology to collect data and identify snoring patterns. Through built-in model matching, it dynamically adjusts the snoring sound model in approximately 30 seconds, based on the intensity and regularity of the snoring sound.

Once the device recognizes snoring, it utilizes adaptive vibration to intervene. The vibration level increases gradually, reaching the maximum intensity set by the user. If successful, the vibration level is maintained; otherwise, it continues to increase until an effective intervention is achieved. This personalized approach ensures optimal results for every user.

By syncing the device with the free Sleeplus app, you gain access to a range of features. View your sleep data, snore data, and intervention data to gain insights into your sleep patterns. Customize the vibration intensity and snore sensitivity of the snore stopper to suit your preferences. Additionally, the sleep aid function offers soothing music to help you relax and drift into a deep, rejuvenating sleep.

Want to track your progress? The recording function allows you to record your snoring and play it back for comparison, enabling you to monitor the effectiveness of the snore stopper over time.

Enhance your sleep quality and put an end to disruptive snoring with the 24-Hour Bluetooth Anti-Snoring Device. Embrace a peaceful night's sleep and wake up feeling refreshed and revitalized. Order now and experience the difference!

Package Includes:

  • 1 x 24-Hour Bluetooth Anti-Snoring Device
  • Sleeplus App (Free Download)


How does it work?

The device collects bone conduction data and recognizes snoring through built-in model matching. When the intensity of the snoring sound meets the requirements and is regular, the device can dynamically increase the snoring sound model through machine learning in about 30 seconds.

When the snoring sound is recognized as snoring by the device, the device will vibrate and the vibration level will be adaptive. If the intervention of the current vibration level is unsuccessful, the vibration will increase step by step, reaching the highest level of snoring intensity set by the user. If the intervention is successful, the vibration level will be maintained; if there is no snoring for a long time, the vibration level will be reduced.

Free Sleeplus APP

Snore stopper

After syncing your device data with the app, you can view your sleep data, snore data, and intervention data, and you can customize the intensity of vibration and snore sensitivity of the snore stopper.


The sleep aid function provides soothing music to help relax your mind and body and promote better sleep.


With the recording function, you can record your snoring and play it back at any time to compare the effects of using the snore stopper.

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