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Stay Safe and Stylish with 2pcs Car Door Opening Warning LED Strip Light - Enhance Your Car's Safety and Welcome Experience


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Color: White Red

Introducing the 2pcs Car Door Opening Warning LED Strip Light, the ultimate combination of safety and style for your car. This innovative 2-in-1 device functions as both a collision warning light and a welcome light, providing you with enhanced safety and a warm welcome every time you open your car door.

With its easy installation process, you can quickly and effortlessly equip your car with this essential safety feature. The high-quality 2835 LED beads ensure bright and reliable performance, while the low power consumption guarantees energy efficiency. The long life span of the LEDs ensures that you'll enjoy years of dependable use.

The strobe flashing anti-rear-end collision safety lamps are designed to catch attention and alert other drivers on the road, minimizing the risk of accidents. The waterproof and dust-proof construction ensures durability, making it suitable for various weather conditions.

Installation is a breeze: simply connect the red wire to the positive terminal and the yellow wire to the negative terminal. The universal compatibility of this car door warning light makes it suitable for all car models, adding an extra layer of safety and style to your vehicle.

Measuring 47 inches (120 cm) in length, this strip light is designed to fit most car doors perfectly. Before ordering, be sure to check the item pictures for detailed size and installation instructions.

Package Includes:

  • 2Pcs LED Door Warning Light

Upgrade your car's safety and make a stylish statement with the 2pcs Car Door Opening Warning LED Strip Light. Order now and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with enhanced safety and a warm welcome every time you step into your car!

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