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Achieve Perfect Plant Care with the 3-in-1 Soil Tester - Your Essential Garden Tool for Optimal Growth


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Color: Green

Introducing the 3-in-1 Soil Tester, the ultimate companion for every garden enthusiast. This kit combines the power of three essential tests - pH, moisture, and light - to ensure your plants receive the ideal conditions for healthy growth and flourishing blooms.

With its compact and ergonomic design, this soil tester is easy to handle and use. The green color adds a touch of freshness to your gardening toolkit. Measuring at 6040260mm and weighing only 100g, it's lightweight and convenient to carry around your garden.

The probe length of 170mm allows for deep penetration into the soil, providing accurate readings. The pH range of 3.5-8 pH (3.5-6.5 Acid, 7-8 Alkaline) enables you to monitor and adjust the acidity or alkalinity levels of your soil. The moisture range of 1-10 (1-3 Dry, 4-7 Nor, 8-10 Wet) helps you determine when to water your plants, ensuring they receive the right amount of hydration. The relative light measurement of 0-2000 lux (0-200 Low, 200-500 Low+, 500-1000 Nor, 1000-2000 High) allows you to assess the light levels and adjust accordingly for optimal plant growth.

Using the soil tester is simple. Lightly sand the probes to ensure accurate readings, and switch to the desired mode (moisture/pH/light). Insert the probe 3-4 inches into the soil, adjusting the position until the dial pointer swings slightly. After 10 minutes, check the moisture, pH, or light level on the dial for immediate feedback.

To ensure long-lasting performance, avoid forcing the probe into hard soil or touching hard objects that could damage it. The tester is designed specifically for soil testing and should not be used with pure water or other liquids. After each use, wipe and clean the probe to maintain accuracy.

Achieve gardening success with the 3-in-1 Soil Tester, your essential tool for creating an ideal environment for your plants. Don't let your green thumb guess the needs of your beloved flowers and vegetables. Order now and unlock the secrets to thriving, vibrant gardens!

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Soil Moisture/Light/pH Tester

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