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Keep Your Car Cool and Protected with the 57'' X 31'' Car Umbrella Sun Shade Cover


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Color: Black

Introducing the 57'' X 31'' Car Umbrella UV Reflecting Sun Shade Cover, the ultimate solution for sun protection and temperature control in your vehicle. This high-quality sun shade umbrella not only effectively reflects the sun's rays but also safeguards your dashboard and upholstery from fading and cracks, while significantly reducing the time needed to cool down your car.

Designed with convenience in mind, our car sun shade is incredibly easy to fold and store. Its compact design allows you to effortlessly fold it and place it in the provided pouch, ensuring that it won't take up valuable space in your vehicle. Say goodbye to bulky and cumbersome sun shades!

Crafted from premium materials, this sun shade goes above and beyond ordinary aluminum foil materials. Made of composite peptide materials, it is highly durable and can withstand high temperatures for extended periods without damage. Plus, it helps maintain fresh air circulation inside your car, ensuring a comfortable driving experience even on hot days.

Compatibility is not an issue with our car sun shade. Whether you own a sedan, a truck, an SUV, a minivan, or even a van, this sun shade wraps around your windshield and provides maximum coverage for your vehicle. Experience unparalleled sun protection wherever you go.

Protect your car and yourself from the scorching heat with the 57'' X 31'' Car Umbrella Sun Shade Cover. Stay cool, maintain your vehicle's interior, and enjoy a more comfortable driving experience all year round.

SUN PROTECTION: The sun shade umbrella with high-quality not only reflects the sun lights perfectly, but also prevents the dashboard and upholstery from fade and cracks plus significantly shortens the time needed to cool down your vehicle.

EASY TO FOLD: Our car sun shade is very convenient for daily use. Foldable Compact Design Comes in Easy-Place Pouch - Every detail matters! It is easy to fold and does not occupy space in the car.

PREMIUM MAREIAL: The materials of this sun shade are high-quality,different from ordinary aluminum foil materials, made of composite peptide materials, which are not easy to be damaged under high temperature for a long time, and keep the air in the car fresh.

COMPATIBLE WITH MOST VEHICLES: Whether you own sedan, a truck, an SUV, a minivan or even a van, our car sun shade wraps around the windshield and achieves maximum coverage for your vehicle and provide you with maximum sun protection.

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