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Add a Pop of Color and Elegance with the Acrylic Rainbow Color Coffee Table - A Captivating Modern Accent for Your Living Space


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Introducing the Acrylic Rainbow Color Coffee Table, a charming and tasteful addition to your living room or bedroom decor. This group of low laminated glass tables features a special iridescent multicolored finish, showcasing different colors when viewed from various angles. Its ever-changing hues, influenced by the light source and viewer's perspective, infuse Japanese elegance with modern-day design.

The round top and clear geometrical legs create a lovely combination that exudes elegance and adds a touch of uniqueness to any space. The iridescent multichromatic finish ensures a long-lasting, reflective, and shiny appearance, providing a timeless allure that sets it apart from ordinary tables.

Crafted with top-quality crystal glass, this coffee table is built to last. The smooth table top offers a perfect platform for displaying decorative items, while also serving as a functional surface for placing various items. Whether you need a spot for your morning coffee, a stylish accent piece, or a conversation starter, this table delivers on all fronts.

Choose from two sizes to suit your needs. The small size measures 40 cm/15.7 inches in length, 40 cm/15.7 inches in width, and 45 cm/17.7 inches in height. The large size measures 95 cm/37.4 inches in length, 50 cm/19.7 inches in width, and 33 cm/13 inches in height.

Upgrade your living space with the Acrylic Rainbow Color Coffee Table. Its captivating design, iridescent finish, and durable construction make it a perfect centerpiece that will impress your guests and elevate your interior decor. Order now and transform your room with a touch of colorful elegance!

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Acrylic Rainbow Color Coffee Table (Large)

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