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Enhanced Security and Peace of Mind: IP Wireless 3D Tracking Mini Camera with HD 1080P, Motion Auto Tracking, and Two-Way Audio


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Stay Connected and Secure with the IP Wireless 3D Tracking Mini Camera! Experience HD 1080P video streaming and audio communication from anywhere in the world. With motion auto-tracking technology, this camera keeps a watchful eye on your surroundings, sending alerts and capturing every moment. Enjoy two-way audio, night vision, and seamless connectivity with YCC365 smart cloud technology. Easy to set up and compatible with iOS and Android devices, this camera ensures peace of mind and protection for your home or office. Get the ultimate surveillance solution with the IP Wireless 3D Tracking Mini Camera.

Auto Tracking

High Definition:1080P(Full-HD)

Special Features: Motion Auto Tracking

Audio Output: two-way audio

Viewing Angle (Degree):360°

motion detection: Video Push, Alarm recording, screenshot capture

Image Sensor:1.0MP 2.0MP CMOS

Supported Mobile Systems: ios,Android

TF Card: Max 64G (Not included)

Smart dual talking, smart colorful video at night, ap functions. H.264 main profile compression algorithm, live real-time display, and HD resolution recording.

It has motion auto-tracking Technology, It is like ptz, you can set protection area when someone gets in this place, It will warn you and following that guy after he gets out of this place 10 seconds.

1080p@25FPS real-time live video transmission, self-adaptable ethernet, fluency, and smoothly. Echo elimination and noise reduction technology, perfect dual-duplex audio effect.

YCC365 smart cloud technology, one-step remotely connection, plug, and play. Pioneering technology, one key for wifi setting, one-step connecting internet,

This IP Wireless 3D Tracking Mini Camera 2M HD 1080p Penables you to watch Live Streaming and recorded videos on your mobile phones with full HD quality 1080P high resolution while sitting in any corner of the world to keep in touch with your family members and office employees or workers.

The IP Wireless 3D Tracking Mini Camera 2MP HD 1080P has a function of PTZwhich facilitates you to set protection areas with auto-tracking technology so that whenever someone will enter on set criteria.

The camera will send you a warning as well as follow the suspicious person even when he will get out from that place for about 10-second duration.

Along with this IP Wireless 3D Tracking Mini Camera 2MP HD 1080P, you can also get notifications via alarm buzzer or email with images attachment when something is happened in from of the camera because of its motion detection quality.

You can also listen and talk to people working around this IP Wireless 3D Tracking Mini Camera 2MP HD 1080P setting position with a built-in mic and speaker with noise reduction technology.

Also, wifi camera has IR night vision feature allows you to make colorful video recording and photos at night time without hiring any guard.

Moreover, IP Wireless 3D Tracking Mini Camera Y4C-ZA 2MP HD 1080P is supported by a 64 GB memory card and also saves all the data on your laptop or PC as well as it is supported all android mobile and IOS systems.

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