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Hands-Free Reading Delight: Adjustable Book Stand for Perfect Posture and Focus.


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Experience the joy of hands-free reading with our adjustable Book Stand! Enhance your reading posture, reduce eye strain, and improve focus with customizable height and angle settings. Crafted from premium aluminum alloy, it's lightweight and portable for reading on the go. The soft rubber-tipped clips securely hold your book open while allowing easy page-turning. Ideal for students, home cooks, and anyone seeking comfortable, prolonged reading or studying sessions. Give the gift of better reading to yourself or your loved ones with this perfect accessory!


Our fully height adjustable books stands make it possible to read at eye-level. Another benefit of using a books stand is placing a book at an angle can help reduce strain on your eyes caused by glare.Due to our books stands various height adjustments, you can "customize" the angle and height to your preference. Helps You Focus on the Tasks at Hand Instead of Pain from Poor Posture Reading for long periods with your body and head bent forward can cause serious pain and fatigue, especially over the long-term. Easily adjust the height on the book holder to read more comfortably and improve focus.Correct reading posture will not only allow you to read your favorite books or study longer and more comfortably, you have a better chance at preventing long-term health concerns. The Perfect Tool for Students, Home Cooks. Our book stand with page holder clip so that both your hands are free to do other tasks. Instead of using your hands to keep your book open, focus on taking notes, typing, playing an instrument, or cooking. Your book stand is there to lend you a hand! RAINBEAN Book Stand is the Perfect Gift for All Readers, Home Schoolers, and Those Working from Home. 


【Book Rest for Reading Hands Free】Made of premium aluminum alloy. Its lightweight design can be taken everywhere for Reading & Working. book stand has 2 flexible and strong paper clips to keep your book widely open. Easy to turn pages while the soft rubber tips prevent damage from paper.

【Multi Heights & Angles to Relax 】 Adjustable Book Holder designed with different angles and heights allow promoting proper posture for better spinal health. You can adjust the angles & heights to find a comfortable position.Ergonomic book holder stand eliminates eyes, necks, shoulder and back fatigue or pain. Keep your Kids with a Better Posture when studying.Meanwhile increasing your concentration and reading hours improve learning efficiency.

【Wide USE 】 Our multi-functional cookbook stand fits for any Regular or Thick books/cookboods/recipes/paperbacks/magazines,documents, painting papers, sheet music, iPad/phone and laptops, etc. It support people who need Studying/Working for a long time, like Students or Office Workers.

【Convenient to Store & Carry 】 Book reading stands' collapsible size is 15" x 10" x 1.5". Its foldable design fits in a storage box, or you can put it in your bag with your favorite books to read/draw anywhere.

【Perfect Gift】It can be used at home, school, office, library, kitchen, indoor and even in the outdoors. Offer our beautiful book holder as a Christmas, New Year, birthday, ,Mother's Day, wedding to your lover. RAINBEAN Book stand well be the perfect gift.


 Book reading stands' collapsible size is 15" x 10" x 1.5". Its foldable design fits in a storage box, or you can put it in your bag with your favorite books to read/draw anywhere.


Includes:1xbook stand

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