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Creative Cloud Sink Drain Rack Kitchen Sink Garbage Filter Sink Disposable Filter Mesh Bag Anti-Blocking Strainer Kitchen Gadget


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Color: Green
Filter Mesh

Triangular Design:This triangular sink storage adopts a triangular design.The triangular design saves the space at the corners of the sink while increasing the opening area.
Anti-clogging: The sink filter allows you to easily get rid of the trouble of handling food residues and garbage by hand. The filter screen of the sink filter has a fine mesh and large elasticity, which can effectively filter small residues.
High-quality materials: The water tank drain filter is made of high-quality materials, thickened brackets, and nano-adhesive for bracket fixing. Compared with suction cups, the suction is stronger and more stable. After the disassembly, no sticking marks are left.
Widely Use: The corner sink filter is also suitable for square sink countertops, stainless steel and artificial stone countertops.


1. The corner sink filter basket has ultra-fine meshes, which can easily filter food residues and keep the drainage unobstructed.

2. Unique cloud raindrop design, beautiful and practical, durable ABS material, self-adhesive design, easy to install.

3. It will not interfere with the normal use of the sink, and it has strong load-bearing capacity. The enlarged opening and enlarged mesh bag make it easier to dump food waste.

4. The filter bag is elastic and durable, the tank filter has a large capacity, strong load-bearing, elastic and not easy to break.

5. The multifunctional triangular filter can filter leftovers, tea residues, vegetable leaf residues, and can also be used as a drain basket for fruits and vegetables.

Product name: sink zhijiao drain rack

Material: ABS

Size: 15.6*9.8cm

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