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Geek Chef Steam Air Fryer Combo: Elevate Your Cooking Game!


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Introducing the Geek Chef Steam Air Fryer Toast Oven Combo - a game-changer in your kitchen! This innovational countertop oven offers the perfect blend of steaming and air frying, delivering precise moisture control for tender, juicy, and flavorful results.

With an impressive 50 cooking presets, including roast, broil, dehydrate, and more, this multi-functional oven caters to all your culinary desires. The digital touch screen control ensures easy temperature and time adjustments, making you the gourmet chef of your household with just a simple touch.

Designed with a family-sized 26QT capacity and a 3-layer layout, you can now cook larger meals in one go, saving time and energy. From succulent 11-pound roast chickens to crispy 12-inch pizzas and golden 3.3-pound french fries, this oven does it all.

Safety and efficiency are paramount, as this appliance is ETL listed, and its 1650W motor reduces fats by over 85%, ensuring healthier meals for you and your loved ones. Plus, its rapid heat circulation leads to shorter preheating and cooking times, making cooking a breeze.

For added versatility, the Geek Chef Steam Air Fryer comes with six accessories, including a wire rack, air fryer basket, baking pan, fetch rack, crumb tray, and rotisserie, expanding your cooking options even further.

Experience the future of cooking with this cutting-edge oven that puts convenience and deliciousness at your fingertips. Turn the timer off manually and shut down the oven effortlessly - it's that simple.

Elevate your culinary adventures and savor every bite with the Geek Chef Steam Air Fryer Toast Oven Combo. Get ready to indulge in healthy, faster, and scrumptious meals every day.

  • Innovational Steam & Air Fry Mode  - Steam & Air Fry Combo Mode combines steaming and air frying in one cooking process with precise moisture control that ensures uniform heating and locks juices in your food and keep it tender, juicy and full of flavor.
  • Multi functional steam air fryer oven has 50 preset menus to meet your daily cooking needs.  Roast,Broil,Steak,Defrost,Dehydrate,Cookies,Bagel. Digital touch screen control, accurate control of temperature and time, easy to use,you are just one touch away from being your family’s gourmet chef.
  • Family Sized Large Capacity  - 26QT capacity can fully serve your whole family or friends. 3-layer design provides larger space to put and cook more food at once, saving time and electricity resources; You can make 11 pounds of roast chicken, 12""pizza, 3.3 lbs french fries,6 slices of toast, 16pcs e
  • Healthy,Faster and Safe  - ETL listed for safety, 1650W motor helps to efficiently cook food in the healthiest way possible by cutting over 85% of fats. The cooking area circulates heat faster than a traditional range oven, leading to shorter preheating and cooking times.
  • Expanding Cooking Options : With 6 accessories, it provides you with more possibilities, including a wire rack, air fryer basket, baking pan, fetch rack, crumb tray, rotisserie.
  • You can manually turn the timer OFF and turn OFF the oven without unplugging it

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