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360° Neckband Fan: Stay Cool, Hands-Free Anywhere, Anytime!


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Color: White

Step into the future of cooling with the 360° Neckband Fan - the ultimate portable cooling solution for a scorching summer! Crafted with cutting-edge technology, this bladeless fan offers a safe, hands-free, and noiseless cooling experience like never before.

Designed with your comfort in mind, the fan features a flexible neck and dual wind head, allowing you to enjoy a powerful airflow from any angle. The low noise design ensures a peaceful and relaxing cooling session, while the bladeless feature prevents any hair twists, making it perfect for all hair types.

Experience ultimate freedom with its 360° adjustability, ideal for sports, outdoor activities, gym workouts, hiking, and more. Three adjustable speed levels cater to your cooling needs, and with a long-lasting battery life of 6-10 hours, you can stay cool all day long.

Lightweight and portable, this fan is a must-have for hot work environments, commuting, and barbecues, offering a personal cool space anytime, anywhere. Share the gift of coolness with your loved ones this summer and make every moment more refreshing with the Neckband Fan.



【Low noise design】 This neck fan is made of Eco-friendly ABS and silicone. Makes the hands-free neckband fan softer and more durable and quieter. The wearable neckband fan’s motor has been modified so that noises of at least 25 dB can be generated while running.

【Bladeless Design, Safer & Hand-Free】 The bladeless design provides a different way to produce wind. The fan will never twist your hair. You are safer and freer.

【360° Adjustable】 Fan with a flexible neck and dual wind head, The portable fan has two wind heads, can feel more powerful airflow, also can adjust 360 degrees for sports, which allows you to adjust to any different angles, portable, simple and easy to create powerful wind for you.

【3 Modes Adjustable & Long Working Time】 Low/medium/high speed level. Adjust the appropriate fan speed by pressing the power button. Built-in two 3000mAh lithium polymer batteries, Use USB to charge for 3-5 hours and can last for 6-10 hours.

【No Hair Twist】 Tight gaps to protect your long curly hair from getting pulled.

【Perfect Fan】 Ideal for hot work environments, gyms, walking, barbecue, mountain climbing, hiking, commuting, and any outdoor activities. The personal fan brings you a cool personal space anytime, anywhere, away from the heat. At the same time, it is very suitable for giving to your family and friends to share the coolness of this summer!


Material: ABS+PC

Color: White/Green/Pink

Charging Time: about 3-5 hours

Working Time: about 6-10 hours

Battery Capacity: 3000mAh

Charging Interface: Type-C

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