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Scoop & Stack: Stainless Steel Ice Cream Scoop, Non-Stick Fruit Ball Maker, Multi-Use Spoon Tool, Easy Rebound, Comfort Grip, Easy to Clean, Versatile Kitchen Gadget.


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Color: Silver

Effortless Ice Cream Scoops & Fruit Ball Maker - Enjoy perfectly rounded ice cream scoops and creative fruit shapes with our Stainless Steel Non-Stick Ice Cream Scoop and Fruit Ball Maker. The easy rebound and comfortable grip make it a versatile kitchen gadget for delightful treats.


1. Hidden Shrapnel Design

The concave surface at the bottom hides the shrapnel, and the ball is formed more round when digging the ball

2. Stainless Steel Material

The whole is made of stainless steel that can be safely touched by food, is not easy to rust, strong and easy to use

3. Strong Rebound

The spring presses the switch, it can be easily molded by pressing, and the ball can be easily rebounded quickly

4. Tail Suspension Hole

The tail has a hanging hole design, which is convenient for storage and does not take up space

5. Wide and Comfortable Handle

Widened and comfortable handle design, humanized arc design, comfortable grip, non-slip

6. Easy to Clean

Mirror polishing process, smooth surface without burrs, not easy to stick to the spoon, easy to clean, not easy to hide dirt

7. Multiple Uses

Not only for digging ice cream but also for various fruit shapes and compotes


- Material: Stainless Steel

- Process: Polishing

- Size: 7" (length) x 2" (diameter) / 18 cm x 5 cm

- Weight: 2.9 oz / 82 g 

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