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Unlock the True Flavor: Intelligent Electric Wine Decanter for Enhanced Wine Enjoyment


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Color: Black
Electrical outlet

Experience the ultimate wine tasting with our Intelligent Automatic Red Wine Decanter! This innovative electric wine aerator takes wine appreciation to a whole new level, allowing you to savor every nuance and aroma in your favorite red wines.

The intelligent sobering-up feature ensures that your wine comes into full contact with the air, effectively softening tannins and awakening the wine's original aroma. Say goodbye to long waiting times for wine aeration; this electric decanter quickly presents your wine in its best state.

With gravity induction technology, the decanter stays still when not under pressure, rotating only when there's an object on it. This ensures stability and prevents accidental spills, so you can confidently enjoy your wine without any worries.

Enjoy complete control with the stepless speed change, providing a powerful and long-lasting performance. Its compact structure and stable operation make this decanter a breeze to use, and the small inertia moment ensures minimal vibration for a smooth and stable wine aerating experience.

Dual electric mode offers convenience, allowing you to use either batteries or a USB cable to power the decanter. Enjoy the flexibility of portable wine aeration or the convenience of a direct power supply.

Unlock the true flavors of your wine with our Intelligent Electric Wine Decanter. Elevate your wine tasting experience and indulge in the rich, exquisite tastes that were once hidden in your wine.


Intelligent sobering up: The new generation of the electric smart decanter can make the wine more fully in contact with the air, quickly soften the tannins, awaken the original aroma of the wine, and present the best state of the wine
Gravity induction:  The decanter will not turn when it is not under pressure, it will only turn when there is an object on it
Stepless speed change:  The transmission power is large, the service life is long, the structure is compact, and it has coaxial and is easy to use. The inertia moment of the rotating part is very small, and there are no unbalanced parts, so the vibration is small, the speed is stable and the operation is stable.
Dual electric mode:  The machine can be installed with batteries or connected to the power supply with a USB cable.

Product information:

Material: Plastic
Capacity: 801-900 ml
Weight: 596 g
Style: modern and simple

Packing list:

Plastic decanter*1

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