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Maximize Your Space with Mewoofun Door Mounted Cat Climber - The Ultimate Vertical Cat Tree!


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Introducing the Mewoofun 4-Levels Versatile Cat Climber Shelves - a space-saving and innovative solution for cat owners in small homes or apartments. This door-mounted cat tree is designed to provide endless hours of entertainment and exercise for your feline friends.

With its 4-level platform design, your cats can enjoy jumping, scratching, and running up and down, keeping them physically active and mentally stimulated. The sturdy construction, made of durable plywood and high-quality metal parts, ensures it can hold cats up to 40lbs without any worries.

Easy to assemble and move from room to room, the Mewoofun Cat Climber is a breeze to set up and perfect for homes with limited space. The silicone non-slip stickers and screw hole stickers provide added stability and protection for your door.

Ideal for active and height-loving cats, this vertical cat tree measures 22.3"Lx10.5"Wx67.3"H and features carpeted platforms for comfort and traction. Give your cats 1-2 weeks to adjust, and you can place their favorite toys or treats on the top level to encourage exploration.

Upgrade your cat's playtime and provide them with their own vertical playground - the Mewoofun Door Mounted Cat Climber is a purr-fect addition to any cat-loving household!


1. 【Space Saving Door Mounted Cat Shelves】Vertical door mounted cat tree takes a little space and is the best choice for small home or small apartment. Notice: Pls make sure Door Gap>3mm, Door Thickness is 40/45mm. ( PS: It is not suitable for Door Thickness>45mm or<40mm; If door thickness is between 40-45mm, after using our shim, then it will reduce shake)


2.【 4-levels Platform Provides Hours of Entertainment】Cats have incredible jumping abilities, multi-levels activity area entertains and helps cats in physical training, they do enjoy running up and down, scratching it and hanging out on the shelves as well.


3.【Sturdy & Well Made & Holding up Well】It is made of durable plywood and high-quality metal parts. Suitable for Cats<40lbs. Silicone non-slip stickers and screw hole stickers could reduce friction and protect the door.


4.【Easy to Assemble & Move】Just follow our english instruction manual to finish the assembly and attach to door easily. Easy to move from room to room.


5.【Perfect for Active and Height-loving Cats】Suitable for Cats<40lbs. The cat climber dimension is 22.3"Lx10.5"Wx67.3"H, net weight is 5kg/11lbs. Each carpeted platform dimension is . Give your cats 1-2 weeks to get used to it. ( You could place a few loved toys or treats on the top level to teach cats how to navigate the change between levels)

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