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Keep Your Hamster Happy and Hydrated with MEWOOFUN Drip-Proof Water Bottle & Hideout Space!


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Ensure your furry friend stays refreshed and comfortable with the MEWOOFUN Hamster Water Bottle. This 150ml water bottle is designed with a unique two-ball bearing system, regulating water flow to prevent overflowing and choking, providing a convenient and safe solution for your dwarf hamsters or gerbils.

The sturdy PP plastic stand comes with a wooden fixed plate at the bottom to prevent tipping over, ensuring stability for your pet's water supply. It also features a hideout space for your hamster to rest and feel secure.

Cleaning and maintenance are a breeze with the bottle's split design, allowing easy disassembly and cleaning. The smooth surface of the PP plastic ensures effortless cleaning, promoting a hygienic environment for your furry companion.

Rest assured that the materials used in this water bottle are non-toxic and BPA-free, ensuring the safety and health of your beloved pet.

Don't forget to perform daily water checks to ensure your hamster has a constant supply of fresh water. Treat your pet to the best with MEWOOFUN Hamster Water Bottle and provide them with the hydration and comfort they deserve!


【Drip-Proof Design】Our 150ml hamster water bottle features a unique two-ball bearing design that regulates the water flow, preventing overflowing or choking.
【Sturdy Stand with Hideout】Made of smooth and sturdy PP plastic, the stand has a wooden fixed plate at the bottom to prevent tipping over, and a hole for hamster hideout and sleeping.
【Easy to Clean and Maintain】With a split design, the water bottle and stand can be easily disassembled and cleaned. The smooth surface of the PP plastic ensures easy cleaning and maintenance.
【Safe and Reliable】Made with non-toxic, BPA-free materials, our hamster water bottle is safe and healthy for your pet to drink from.
【Daily Water Check】Regularly check the water bottle to ensure it has enough water and is flowing properly. Your furry friend deserves fresh water every day!

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