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Effortless Cleaning with Multi-Function Glass Wiper Scraper


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Color: Green

Make cleaning a breeze with our Multi-Function Glass Wiper Scraper! This versatile cleaning tool is designed to quickly and easily wipe water drops off any flat smooth surface, leaving it streak-free and spotless.

The soft solid silicon scraper ensures a smooth and resistant-free swipe, making it perfect for household cleaning tasks. Use it on house windows, glass walls, fogged mirrors, smooth glazed tiles, soapy shower doors, wet rooms, and even car windows. It efficiently removes water spots, soap scum, and other dirt, leaving surfaces looking pristine.

The durable and flexible silicone wiper is designed for fast and streak-free drying, and it won't scratch or damage the surface. Plus, it's easy to clean and won't fall apart or mold over time.

The flexible and deep squeegee provides a thorough cleaning experience without any loud squeaking noises. Its comfortable grip fits perfectly in your hand, making it easy to clean hard water off countertops, sinks, and more.

This all-purpose squeegee is a practical and essential cleaning accessory for your home. Use it to wipe windows, mirrors, kitchen countertops, sinks, car windshields, and more. It's the perfect tool for clearing large flat surfaces with ease.

Get your Multi-Function Glass Wiper Scraper today and say goodbye to tedious cleaning chores. Choose from a range of stylish colors and enjoy the convenience and efficiency of this cleaning essential.

【FAST & EASY TO CLEAN】 The rubber wiper has precise edge that guarantees a smooth and resistant-free swipe, effectively wipes water drops off any flat smooth surfaces quickly and easily.

【WIDE RANGE OF USES】 The lightweight and modern squeegee is easy to use and ideal for household cleaning tool on house windows, glass wall, fogged mirror, smooth glazed tile, soapy shower door, wet rooms, car window. Efficiently removes water spots, soap scum, and other dirt. Thick and durable for complete water removal easily.


Soft solid silicon scraper Durable and flexible for fast, streak drying, handy and well made, the silicone squeegee has no sharp edge that no damage scratch the shower glass surface.

Won't fall apart, won't mold, easy to rinse and wipe clean, with hanging holes for easy storage, open hooks to hang on a pole, cool housewarming gift.

Flexible and deep squeegee This thick enough and smooth, high quality silicone wiper loud squeaking noises during use.

Comfortable to hold even when wet, this cleaning gadget fits perfectly in your hand to quickly brush hard water off the countertop into your home tub sink.

All purpose squeegees Practical,great basic washing tool accessories for wiping home Windows, shower doors, mirror, kitchen Countertops sink, pool, car windshield, side mirrors, rear windows, fogged mirrors, french door panes or clearing large flat surfaces, RV, boat etc.

Product Description:

size: as shown

color: Pink,Green,Coffee

Material: plastic

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