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Ultimate Multi-Functional Cat Litter Shovel - A Must-Have Pet Cleanup Companion!


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Color: White

Keep your pet's litter area clean and organized with our innovative Multi-Functional Cat Litter Shovel! This versatile pet accessory is designed to make the task of cleaning up after your furry friends quick and hassle-free.

The unique design features a hidden garbage bag storage compartment, providing a dedicated location to conveniently extract and store garbage bags. No more searching for bags all over the house! The multi-functional base acts as both a storage base and a small dustpan, offering a smart solution for keeping your space tidy.

You have the flexibility to either stand or hang the shovel, allowing you to place it on the wall at your convenience. Thanks to the dedicated wall-mounted buckles, storage becomes a breeze without leaving any messy glue residue.

The large-size shovel surface with a generous capacity ensures fast sand leakage and features staggered apertures, reducing cat litter consumption by avoiding the need to pick up individual litter pieces.

Crafted from durable and easy-to-clean plastic, this Cat Litter Shovel is a reliable and indispensable tool for all pet owners. Say goodbye to messy litter areas and welcome a clean and organized pet space!

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Multifunctional cat litter shovel storage garbage bag
Hidden garbage bag storage design gives garbage bags an exclusive location to extract and store easily, no longer need to look for garbage bags everywhere
The multi-functional base is not only beautiful but also powerful. It is a storage base and a small dustpan to easily solve the problem of dirty placement.
Can stand or hang, place it on the wall at will
Dedicated wall-mounted buckles are available, quickly solve storage problems without leaving glue residue
Large-size shovel surface with larger capacity, fast sand leakage, and staggered aperture, saving cat litter consumption by not picking the cat litter size.

Material: Plastic
Packaging: carton
Size: length 260 widths 110 height 45 mm

Package includes:
1 X Cat Litter Shovel

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