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Keep Your Pet's Coat Fluffy and Tangle-Free with the Pet Pumpkin Brush!


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Color: Pumpkin

Description: Grooming your furry friend has never been this delightful! Introducing our Pet Pumpkin Brush, a professional dog brush designed with love and care for your pets. The adorable pumpkin design makes grooming a fun and relaxing experience, ensuring your pet will love being brushed!

Precision Grooming: Our slicker brush features fine bent wires that penetrate deep into your pet's coat, effectively removing loose undercoat, mats, and tangled hair without scratching their sensitive skin.

Promote a Healthy Coat: Regular brushing and massaging with our pet brush improve blood circulation, keeping your pet's fur coat healthy and shiny. Suitable for small, medium, and large short or long-haired animals.

Comfortable and Durable: The brush is crafted with a comfort-grip and anti-slip handle, ensuring a strain-free grooming session for both you and your pet, no matter how long it takes.

Easy to Clean: After grooming, simply click the button, and the bristles retract back into the brush, allowing you to effortlessly remove all the collected hair. It's ready for the next grooming session!

Treat your pet to a pampering grooming experience with the Pet Pumpkin Brush. Show them love and care while keeping their coat fluffy and beautiful.

Size: 19.5 * 8.4cm/7.7*3.3in
Material: ABS + stainless steel
1 X Pet Needle Comb

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