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Painless Pet Dental Care Finger Brush - Keep your furry friends' teeth sparkling clean with our gentle and effective Pet Silicone Tooth Cleaning Care Finger Wrap. Make dental care a happy and healthy experience for your beloved dogs and cats!


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Color: Pink

Pet Silicone Tooth Cleaning Care Finger Wrap is a gentle and effective dental care tool for dogs and cats. Keep their teeth clean, breath fresh, and maintain overall oral health with this reusable and easy-to-use finger toothbrush.

This finger dog toothbrush allows easy cleaning of the entire mouth. Better performance than just one finger type.

This dog toothbrush bristles are softer and more elastic, abrasive enough to remove plaque without hurting the gums, be more easily acceptable by pets.

【Reusable】 Dog finger toothbrush can be reused, just rinse it off with water. It is durable and can save the purchase cost. Compared to disposable small dog tooth brushing kit and teeth cleaners, dog tooth brushing kit is more economically priced!

【Happy Time with Your Dog and Cat Pets】Dog teeth cleaning and dog dental care is suitable for your dog's longevity and health, regular use of toothbrushes for dogs can effectively freshen breath, clean dog teeth, prevent oral diseases and maintain oral.

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