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Suuker 4 In 1 Fruit Carving Tool Set - Transform Your Fruit Platters into Edible Art!


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Upgrade your fruit preparation game with the Suuker 4 In 1 Fruit Carving Tool Set. This versatile kitchen tool offers a range of functions, including a melon baller, fruit carver, and two sizes of fruit scoopers, making it the perfect companion for creative fruit salads and presentations.

Crafted from high-quality food-grade plastic and corrosion-resistant stainless steel, this tool set is safe, durable, and easy to clean. Its stackable design ensures neat storage, saving valuable space in your kitchen.

Elevate your fruit platters to a whole new level with the Suuker Fruit Carving Tool. Easily remove seeds, scoop out flesh, and carve various fruit shapes to create elegant and eye-catching arrangements. Whether you're serving watermelon, cantaloupe, pitaya, or kiwi, this set offers endless possibilities to satisfy your culinary creativity.

Why Choose Suuker 4 In 1 Fruit Carving Tool? Suuker is a brand you can trust, dedicated to providing innovative carving knife products for your family's enjoyment. The smooth surface and fine workmanship of these tools prevent food residue and make cleaning a breeze.

Unleash your imagination with various fruit platters, salads, or even ice cream designs, thanks to the multi-functional use of this tool set.


【4 In 1 Multi-functional Kitchen Tool】Unique design, function includes melon baller for digging,carver knife for fruit carving,2 size fruit scooper for removing seeds and digging flesh of fruits and vegetables.A handy tool for the kitchen.
【Quality Materials】Made of food-grade plastic and corrosion-resistant stainless steel, safe and durable. Wear and corrosion resistant, not easily deformed or broken.Easy to use and clean. No odor after use, just keep dry after cleaning.
【Stackable Design】Unique design that nests separate tools together to form a whole. Clean and tidy, not only can you save valuable space in your kitchen, but you don't have to worry about losing one of them.
【Wider Application】Our watermelon knife set can be applied to make balls of various fruits such as watermelon, cantaloupe, pitaya, kiwi, and more, you can use fruit carving tools to make any fruit salad you want, and enjoy the pleasure it brings you.
【Elegant & Interesting】Our fruit carving tools can quickly remove the seeds and scoop out the flesh, and you can carve different fruit shapes with the fruit cutter! Get many amazing fruit styles to make your diet more elegant and happy.

Why Choose Suuker 4 In 1 Fruit Carving Tool?

  • Suuker is a young but sincere brand that can be tusted.We are committed to providing our customers with creative carving knife products that bring more different ways to eat fruits for your family!
  • Smooth surface, fine workmanship, to avoid food residue wandering on it. Easier to clean and store, not easy to deformation and breakage.
  • You can quickly remove the seeds and scoop the flesh to get the magical style you want, so you can eat more elegantly and happily without worrying about getting a mouthful of watermelon water or staining your clothes.
  • 4 In 1 Fruit Carving Tool is a handy and practical kitchen tool set, come and try it.Not only can it help solve some of the problems you encounter in the kitchen and make your food and snacks delicious and good looking, but it can also make you love your kitchen life even more.


DIY What You Want

Various fruit platter, fruit salad. You can also make ice cream.

Multi-functional Use





Fruit Carving

Digging Round Fruits

Seed Removal

Quick Peel

Material:PP + stainless steel
Color: As shown in the figure
Size: 24x7cm

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