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Effortless Wine Opener Set - Say Goodbye to Struggling with Corks!


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Color: Black

Introducing our Wine Opener with Foil Cutter - the ultimate solution for effortlessly opening wine bottles! This air pressure pump wine bottle opener makes uncorking a breeze with its simple and easy-to-use design. Just slide the needle into the cork, pump a few times, and watch the cork effortlessly pop out. No more hassle of pulling, twisting, or breaking cork pieces.

Crafted with high-quality materials, our wine opener features a strong ABS cover and a food-grade Teflon needle surface, ensuring durability and resistance to corrosion. The compact and lightweight design makes it perfect for both home use and on-the-go adventures.

Not only does it open wine bottles with ease, but it also leaves the cork intact, allowing you to reseal the bottle and preserve the wine for later. It's a fantastic gift for wine lovers and a must-have accessory for bars, cafes, restaurants, parties, picnics, and kitchens.

【EASY AND SIMPLE TO OPEN WINE BOTTLES】 Just slide the needle in the cork, pump 3 to 7 times, and then the pin is out.

【NO DAMAGE TO CORK】 Without the hassle of pulling, twisting, or breaking cork pieces. No stopper debris. You can keep the cork or use it to seal the wine bottle.

【HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS】 We just released a new version of the air pressure wine opener, with a Strength ABS cover, Teflon needle surface treated with food grade, strong, and resistant to corrosion.

【SMALL SIZE AND LIGHT WEIGHT】1.9 OZ in weight, and 7.5 inches long (single wine opener). You can easily store it or pack it in your travel bag.

【FANTASTIC GIFT FOR WINE LOVERS】 This Air Pressure Pump Opener is easy and simple to use to open wine bottles. So great for a bar, cafe, restaurant, party, picnic, or home use in the kitchen.

How to use it?
1. Use the foil cutter (included in the package) to remove the foil cap.

2. Insert the needle into the middle of the bottle and make sure the
hand has passed through the entire cork, ensure the protective tube is on.

3. Press the corkscrew to pump air into the bottle by lifting and lowering the corkscrew's coat until the cork slides out. (Normally 3-7 pumps per bottle).

4. Push the plastic slider sleeve to protect the cork from the corkscrew's needle.

Remark: Do not use this wine opener pump on plastic corks.

What's in the package?
1* Air Pump Opener

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